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 Name: Lucian Davis

Born: April 14, 1878, Clinton, MO

Died: October 25, 1954, Johnson County, KS

Occupation: Undertaker/ shop owner /

Mayor of Dearborn, MO  (mid 40s)


 Name: Ethyl Offutt Davis

Born: August 22, 1890, Camden Point, Platte County, MO

Died: January 10, 1984, Overland Park, Johnson County, KS


In 1960 she moved from Dearborn,MO to Overland Park, KS

The first years Lucian and Ethyl lived in Edgerton, MO.

After a fire burned their residence home they moved 1905 over to Dearborn, MO.


1912-1914 Operated a Funeral Home in Edgerton, MO

1914-1948 Operated a Funeral Home and a little shop in Dearborn, MO


Both are buried at Camden Point, Platte County, MO



Name: Gladys "Dee" Davis Forbes

Born:  October 16, 1914, Dearborn, Missouri

Died: .April 28, 2010, San Jose, California

Occupation: Secretary

Husband: George 


Linda Jo

Janet Lara


Name: Jeanette E Davis Bowlby

Born: February 16, 1907

Died: December 5, 1987

Husband:  Millard

Occupation: -

Husband: -

Childrens: -



First two marriages


Not much about Jimīs first two marriages was published.

He met his first wife Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Norman at the time he was working  as a salesman for the

"Quaker State Oil Company".  They got married in Kansas City. 

It was only a short lived time of happiness. The couple got divorced after three years. 

(28 February 1933 - 1936) 

Jim married his second wife Jane Kathryn Campbell in California as he was making his first steps in the entertainment business.  Other than his first wife, Jane was much younger than Jim. The second marriage was even shorter than the first.

They got divorced after just eight months and two days.

(30 May 1941 - 1942)


Third marriage



Name: Blanche Davis

Born: NoWilmington, New Castle County, Delaware

Died: December 5, 2009, Northridge, Los Angeles County, CA


late eighties she work as Manager for Amanda Blake (actress)

Married : November 13, 1949 in Mexicali, Mexico


Jim met Blanche in the late 40s, at the club "Mocambo", on the Sunset Strip.
They were both accompanied by another person, he was there with a friend of Blanche.

After introducing each other, he asked Blanche for her phone number while dancing. 

They both met again and fell in love.

After two short failed marriages, Jim finally found the right woman in Blanche.

They were married for more than 30 years.    

The couple has one child.



Name: Tara Diane Davis

Born:  January 15, 1953,  Los Angeles County, CA

Died: February 09, 1970, Los Angeles County, CA

Cause of death: was involved in a car crash and died of his injuries shortly after




                                             1948 with a new puppy                                        1981 with his irish setter "Thor"