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 Halloween costume


Ryan Posner came up with this awesome Halloween costume.
We are absolutely thrilled.
Big thanks to Ryan for sharing this with us.



We are delighted that Randy Miller is sharing his memories of Jim Davis with us.

Randy has been a big Dallas fan from day one.

One day he wrote a nice letter to Jim, enclosing a photo and Jim granted his request for an autograph.
A really great keepsake. Thank you Randy Miller for sharing it with us.

'The Davis File'


We are always very happy when fans of Jim get in touch and tell us their stories or memories of Jim.

Just like Alex did. Alex has been a huge fan of Jim for many years.

Long before the Internet existed and information was easily available from there, Alex wanted to know more about Jim.

So he created his own little database, called 'The Davis File', with all the information he had laboriously collected.

Alex's enthusiasm for Jim goes so far that in the mid-1990s he hired a painter to paint his own Jock Ewing portrait for him.

Of course, the famous image of Jock from the TV series served as a model.

Big thanks to Alex for sharing this with us.

Mrs. Thada Sesher had the luck to meet Jim a couple of times over the years.

The pictures are from the estate of Mrs. Thada Sesher





Boots was sell some years ago.
This was written in the auction text:


This is a pair of Justin ostrich skin boots, brown two-tone, size 12-D, in Very Good condition,

obtained from the estate of Jim Davis, cowboy actor and star of "Dallas" in the character of "Jock Ewing."
From the Estate of Richard Wilson, a widely respected collector and dealer in movie, celebrity and political memorabilia, and owner of Norma's Jeans, a catalog business which sold memorabilia.

Jim visit the

Nisei Oriental Gift Shop


15112 S Western Ave, Gardena, California 90249

Jim Davis and Tad Uyemura


Twilight of the Nisei : Retailing: The closing of Tad and Marie Uyemura's store is seen by some to

typify the waning cultural influence of second-generation Japanese.



It is twilight for the Nisei Oriental Gift Shop, where 40 years ago a young couple named Tad and Marie Uyemura

plunked down their savings and claimed their piece of the American dream.

In a few weeks the Uyemuras will close the door. The ornamental chimes clanging and dangling from the ceiling

will rest silent. The shelves that once held rows of hand-painted dolls--some dressed in flowery, regal robes for the girls, others adorned with helmets and swords for the boys--will go bare.


Then the shop, the oldest and one of only a few left in the area specializing in traditional and authentic Japanese wares,

will be no more.


Gardena will lose a landmark.


The Uyemuras understand this, but 40 years is enough for them. It is time to retire.


"You can't live forever," said Tad Uyemura, 67."You have got to be able to enjoy your life."


From their perch behind the counter of the modest gift shop, the Uyemuras have watched Gardena's strawberry patches give way to mini-malls and office buildings. They have also watched as other Japanese shops closed over the years, leaving just the Uyemuras' and a smaller one in Torrance.


Marie Meriko Uyemura
June 17, 1926 - March 8, 2011


Tad Uyemura born 1925 seems to be alive (in 2012)

"Smokey"- Jock Ewings Horse

Season 2, Episode 4 "Bypass" 1978


Smokey today


Tonja told us about Smokey:

Smokey was actually given to us about ten years ago by the parents of one of my sister-in-laws. They owned a ranch in Royse City, Texas and were selling the ranch and all the livestock because they were retiring and no longer able to maintain it. They gave us 3 of their horses, Smokey, a really old pony named Peanut, and a huge Missouri Fox Trotter named Candy. We were also told that Candy was used as Bobby Ewing's horse on the show. Unfortunately, she had a stroke and died about a year after we got her. Smokey is still alive and kicking all these years later, although her health has begun to fail in recent months. Now that I know that picture is from 1978, that would make her at least 38. Here's a couple of pictures of her. One is from me riding her last fall.

Wolf Dog 1958 Movie Fansite

"To Document WOLF DOG for Future Generations"






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Valer from Bavaria, Germany collecting since over 30 years Dallas articles, pictures and more.


Some of the newspaper articles you will find here